FLOOSCHOOL? Sounds funny! And that's exactly what it is. A perfect place of discovery to discover yourself. With fun games that make everyone laugh, because laughing is the best motivator. We do a lot here what actors do in a movie or on stage. Because you learn something for life, what is really important: the value of a personality - your individuality. What is in you? What makes you happy? What is your very personal idea? We do not go through a stubborn program, but develop with the children so that your children develop. Since 10 years the FLOOSCHOOL has been offering a cultural program with 3 classes as well as holiday workshops and is developing projects with and for schools. We inspired you? You like what you read? Rea- ding is just the start of a great adventure for you. Write us to meet us.
The cultural fun for children and young people 10 yearsFLOOSCHOOL  we celebrate with a new offer for you:  NOW INL O N D O N  Let’s become British!
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The cultural fun for children and young people for personal promotion through theatre & film.