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3. KLASSE ~ Oktober 2020 - Februar 2021 Die letzte Klasse können wir eigentlich gar nicht erklären. Denn hier bestimmt die Gruppe durch jede Inidividualität, was geschehen wird. Unser absolutes Highlight dabei ist und bleibt in jedem Fall das Fechttraining für alle.
Pro Klasse:  Sommerferien z und Freunden  * * *  Mehr Infos HIER
SCHOOL in 3 CLASSES In 3 classes our idea leads from inside to outside, so to speak. First, it's about your own personality, followed by the percep- tion of the environment, where in the end everyone can work individually with and for others.
1st CLASS ~ Oktober 2020 - February 2021 With crazy games and experiments, it's all about nothing. Only having fun with others and feeling good with yourself.
2nd CLASS ~ March 2021 - July 2021 For a film you have to look carefully, some- times meticulously work exactly and above all be very well organized. We work a lot with the camera, we moderate and even do a stunt training for particularly dangerous adventures.
3rd CLASS ~ Oktober 2021 - Februar 2022 We can not really explain the last class. For here, through each individuality, the group determines what will happen. At the end everyone gets a DVD with all the films and a very personally dedicated certificate.
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The cultural fun for children and young people for personal promotion through theatre & film.
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Per class:  8 Pupils 5 month (2x saturdays) from 10 to 12 o’clock  Anniversary offer £ 200,-  (instead of 220,-)