MEERLEBEN - Idee einer Sendung
HOLIDAYS ADVENTURE Flooschool will start in London the first time this summer holidays. And because Floo does not really speak fluent English and has only lived in Germany so far, we have a funny idea: LET’S BECOME BRITISH Floo really wants to get to know London. But he does not speak a word of English. How can they communicate with each other? Will the children be able to show him interesting places in the city? In the end, can they even teach him the English language? The German actor and director, Floo, who specializes in promoting children and young people through film and theater projects in their individuality. In this project they make fun games to get together and prove that you only need one thing to discover the world: curiosity and openness. Craig M. Godfrey (Event Manager, UK) will be there to accompany them and record the two days on film.
On 22. & 23. Juliy from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Start at “Kennington Station”  Cost: £ 40,- / Person  In the end all children get their own DVD (about two weeks later).
© An initiative of Florian Floo Weber
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