MEERLEBEN - Idee einer Sendung
Professional TRAINING  As a trained Relaxation Trainer Florian Floo Weber  has developed this  program especially for  children - with lots of  fun and games.
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The cultural fun for children and young people for personal promotion through theatre & film.
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RELAXATION-COURSE In 7 weeks, Floo trains every school class to become a professional in autogenic training. However, there is a clou in this concept. Quite unnoticed, the focus of the pupils is directed both to their own personality and to the community atmosphere in the classroom. Finally, everyone receives a certificate as a "discoverer of relaxation" and a short film on DVD that the class has produced. Experiment: 7 lessons Short film production: 4 lessons 4, - € per pupil / hour If you are interested please inform the class leader, to contact us.